Next part of the Hooked and Locked CAL: the mailboxes


Well, that was the first thing that popped up in my mind. You will probably know, the opening in the door where the mail comes in (in Dutch houses). Maybe you will see something totally different when you see it, but I thought this was okay 🙂 🙂 🙂 . 

About the name so far. It is a nice and simple pattern again, just like last week, so you don’t need the stitchmarkers. Next week we will have a pattern with more counting, and that will be a real  figurative pattern. You can see it on the facebook group picture for the HAL CAL, so please be patient for just 1 week for that 🙂 .

Other plans

Today the recordings are made about reading the pattern charts. The tutorials were already available here on the website (see here), but due to circumstances I couldn’t record it earlier. I always do them twice: 1 in Dutch and 1 in English. My dear husband already edited them, but I have to check them first and upload them to YouTube, and do some other actions there. But as soon as I release them, I will announce that here and in the groups. The next video will be about changing the pattern. These tutorials are also already here on the website (see here and here), but these video’s also had to wait a bit. I do need to think a bit how I will present that a bit nicely still…..

The link to part 6

<Edit January 16 2019: The pattern is no longer available for free. You can buy it from my Ravelry shop ( You can find the bonusweek pattern there also. The pictures for each part (see examples on this page here) are also available from this store: >

Click here to go to part 6 of the HAL CAL <removed>. I’m wishing you lots of fun again with this!

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