I will show you in the videos 2 different methods to make knitting stitches: the English and the German method.
The English method is probably the most familiar method (for Dutch people). Most of us have learned to knit this way or seen our grandmothers and mothers do it this way. This method is fine. Keep doing it and certainly do not ‘unlearn’ it.
The German method is a method I learned from American videos, and is more often a faster way of knitting. My daughters found it much easier to learn than the English method.
I deliberately show them both, so you can make the decision for yourself what you think is easier to do, but also because it is very handy for the Fair-Isle knitting technique if you master both methods. You can use one method for one color and the other method for the other color. So learn both ways in the end!
And last but not least: if you are prone to have rsi-like symptoms, you can switch between the methods. Of course you have to rest often and do some exercises, but this can help to prevent problems.