Variaties met Ruitjes

This is a nice pattern in which variations are made with the way the diamonds are filled.

Variaties met Ruitjes patroon
Variaties met Ruitjes patroon

Used colors:
Purple: 2327; Pink: 2262; Blue: 2432; Light green: 2570; Dark green: 2577; Green 2574

5 Repeats of the pattern like in the picture is about 13 cm (5.1 inch) in total. I used 77 cm (30.3 inch) purple, 70.5 cm (27.8 inch) pink, 48.5 cm (19.1 inch) blue, 53 cm (20.9 inch) light green, 46.5 cm (18.3 inch) dark green and 39,5 cm (15.6 inch) green (all lenghts approximately).

Description (first variation):
1. Start with the purple and pink upper part. Then make the blue diamond with the light green lower part and the blue point. After that make the ‘side’- points with dark green and green. Then the lower part with light green and the blue diamond. Close the large diamond with the pink and purple edge.
2. Then start with green and subsequently light green for the side parts. Then the purple upper edge and the pink point of the small diamond. After this the dark green corners at the sides.Close the small diamond with the purple knots. Finish the sides with the light green and dark green row.