Rechts-linkse knoop – patroonweergave

Combination: de right/left knot

Sometimes it is necessary that the threads end on the same side as they were at the start of the knot. It is than necessary to make a combination of the right and left knot, depending on the situation. Here I show the right/left knot.

First make a single right knot: the knotting thread goes from left to the right, see steps 1 to 3 of the double right knot (see here). Then make a single left knot: the knotting thread goes from right to the left, see steps 1 to 3 of the double left knot (see here). Take care that you make the knots around the thread that was initially at the right, it is held taut with both steps. The threads are in their initial position when finished.
In the patterns this double left knot is shown as follows.

Right/left knot – pattern
Right/left knot – pattern

The blue thread comes from the left, leaves to the left, and the knot is in blue. Orange doesn’t show up!