You start making a bracelet by tying together all the threads in a knot. Like I said with the usage of materials, I do this at a distance of about 12 cm (5 inches). You secure the knot with a safety pin on a cushion or on a cloth that you can tie around your leg. If you wear trousers that’s made of a firm cloth, like jeans, you can also attach it directly to your trousers when you don’t have a cushion of cloth. Don’t pierce your skin with the safety pin!
You can then start to knot. When you reach the desired length, you finish the bracelet by splitting up the threads as equally as possible in 3 parts and make a braid with these 3 parts. Make a knot at the end of the braid. Now detach the starting-knot and untie it and braid these yarns the same way. With these braids you can tie the bracelet around your wrist.
Often you can use another start of a bracelet if your pattern exists of even amounts of threads of the same color. The threads will not be cut seperately, but you can cut a double length of the threads and fold them in half. For instance, if the pattern consists of two blue, two red and two yellow threads of 1 yard each, you can cut one blue thread, one red thread and one yellow thread of 2 yards and fold them in half. Make a knot at the fold: in this way you create a loop that will be the one end of your bracelet. Knot until the desired length, split the threads in two parts and make two(!) braids with them. You can use these breads to make a knot through the loop. It is nice to embellish the loop by twisting the threads around each other before starting to knot.