Hi everyone. In the coming period I will be busy to bring my YouTube video’s, which I made years ago, to everyone’s attention. In this case it is the most simple way to cast on. Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but there are better ways to cast on when starting a new piece. Yeah, nice entrance, isn’t it 🙂 But, ok, you could use it if you would like to and it is very simple actually. You can better use this for casting on extra stitches at the end of a row when you have to increase, or for buttonholes. I do have theRead More →

 This is an overview of several techniques to cast on. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”10000″]Read More →

The tubular cast on is a way of casting on stitches you can use for a 1-1 ribbing. A 1-1 ribbing is a ribbing that’s knitted by alternately knitting a knit-stitch and a purl-stitch. This cast on provides a tube which you can use to put a cord or elastic through. On top of that it provides a very nice rounded edge and is very stretchy. Take care you just have to cast on half of the stitches you finally need. And that you knit stockinette stitch. Use a thicker needle than the needle you will use in the end to finish your ribbing. TheRead More →

The provisional cast on is a cast on that uses a temporary thread. The stitches that stay on this temporary thread can be used later to continue to work on. You can use them to cast off in a specific way, or you can use them to continue knitting with on the other part of the piece. It is possible to use the thread of a circular needle instead of yarn. When I made this video I didn’t own circular needles of better quality. Nowadays I use Addi-needles or other brands with much more flexible threads (see the description of materials). As you can seeRead More →

Long Tail Cast On

The Long Tail Cast On is the most common used cast on. The edge is not very flexible, so I give some instructions on how to avoid an edge that’s too tight. Both the video and the pdf are in Dutch. I have English subtitles for this video, so please switch this on in YouTube. Download the pdf here.        Read More →