Babbling waves, the next part of the Hooked and Locked CAL

The hearts

It was so nice again to see that you picked up the hearts of the previous part of the HAL CAL so well, despite the fact it needed a lot more counting than the patterns before that. But you were totally ready for it! The first 3 parts asked quite some concentrating still to master the technique better and better, but it just went great! Of those who showed their progress on the facebook group it was also nice to see how their color choices worked out. 

Not everyone was charmed by the hearts, and that’s totally okay.  We do not all love the same. If a pattern is not exactly to your liking, you could leave it out or replace it with another, but you have to pay attention to the fact that some patterns start at an even row, and others at an odd row! Like I said earlier, I encourage creativity, so make this blanket your blanket if you want to change it. You want to look at it with pleasure in the end. Do try to keep a certain ‘balance’ in how you place the patterns of the blanket. A bit hard to define, but I used a kind of alternation with the patterns, with figurative and non-figurative patterns. That is a bit hard to estimate of course at this point, because you don’t know all patterns yet. In the pictures that are already published you can only see the first part of the blanket, and the second part will only be revealed bit by bit. But just see what pleases you the most! 

And then now the waves

A lot less counting, just easy to remember. So you won’t need stitchmarkers this time, which makes it very quick to crochet. So you will be left with enough time for all other CALs 🙂  (which I cannot do because I don’t have the time for it, sob sob 🙂 ).

Have fun again! And share your progress on facebook!

<Edit January 16 2019: The pattern is no longer available for free. You can buy it from my Ravelry shop ( You can find the bonusweek pattern there also. The pictures for each part (see examples on this page here) are also available from this store: >

Click here to go to part 5 <removed>.

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