Little cars? If you look closely :-) Next part of the Hooked and Locked CAL

Looks like cars, don’t you think so?

It’s always a bit subjective with these small patterns, but my first thought really was little cars 🙂 . On a 4-lane way, in a traffic jam. I always have to think of that crazy Dutch song of Andre van Duin  🙂 . For the ones who do not know this: here is the video. Could be something that’s from before your time of course, but it’s still funny 🙂 . There was a lot of guessing again on facebook , and some guessed it right of course 🙂 .

Did you see the back by the way? It looks very different than the front! And that’s so nice of this technique: that it can be such a difference compared to the front.

Uhm, something else

On facebook I got the question if people could donate some money. As a thank you for my work for this CAL. Now I’m a bit reluctant with these kind of things, I definitely do not want to ask money for this  (there will be other stuff that will only be available for sale). But fair is fair, a website, equipment and software to make video’s, and let’s not forget the huge amount of yarn I use  🙂 , it is not for free. Now you will definitely not hear me complaining, because I have a great time doing this all 🙂 . But a fat bankaccount: who objects to that  😛  😛  😛  .

I’ve been looking around how I can do this, without sharing my bankaccount wide in the open on the internet, and I found something: a ‘donate’-button that I could add here on the website pages. It is limited in the sense that you can only donate money through PayPal or a creditcard. You will be redirected to the PayPal-website if you use the button , so you will leave my website, so that’s completely safe to use. There you will also be given the possibility to choose for a creditcard.

I’ve left it open how much you want or can donate. I am grateful for every small bit! But again, you don’t have to!!!!

But now to the little cars

<Edit January 16 2019: The pattern is no longer available for free. You can buy it from my Ravelry shop ( You can find the bonusweek pattern there also. The pictures for each part (see examples on this page here) are also available from this store: >

Here is the link again <removed>. I’m wishing you lots of fun again. And eh, next week my favorite pattern will be published 🙂 !

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