Start of the Hooked and Locked CAL

Today is the day! We will start! Months of preparing, trying things out, designing, drawing and crocheting, thinking of how to setup the video’s, how I wanted to do the tutorials for the website pages, making pictures, writing pattern descriptions, today is the release of all that work. Not that I’m finished, because we still have a couple of weeks to go, but it was all such big fun to do. Yes, I am slightly nervous, because the interest is overwhelming, and so many people are looking forward to do this, that I still feel perplexed. But I’m walking around with a big smile 🙂 .

Before we start I just wanted to share one little thing: consider this to be a course! It’s not just some video’s and tutorials that only show you how to crochet this, it is also a course that learns you how to read the pattern charts. And I also tried to make it so, that people with just a little crochet experience, can do this too. To me that is very important: to teach someone in a good way. My most important motivation!

I’m wishing you a lot of success with this CAL!

Click here for the overview page

Click here for the start of the practice piece

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