Here it is: The Freedom, not Perfection shawl! I am so pleased with this shawl, how it turned out! The colors, the drape, I just love everything about it! And so far I’ve heard only very enthusiastic responses on it. Sounds a bit, ehm, well, you know, not so very humble, but I would lie if I would say I’m not proud of it. I will not do very much talking about it on this blog post, because I wrote  all I wanted to share about it on the page here, or look for it in the crochet patterns menu. So go there, you will findRead More →

Freedom, not perfection Why I named this shawl like this? Well, with this shawl you do not use a pattern (except for the base, just simple filet crochet), but you go totally free! The curvy lines are made without thinking beforehand how to fill up the base. I started at the point at the right, and made curves all the way over the shawl, and with each curve I decided at that very moment where I wanted it to go, if it needed an extra stitch, or maybe take a stitch out. Oh, of course I frogged little parts when I didn’t like it, andRead More →

This is part 2 about surface crochet. In my previous post, with the accompanying video, I showed how to do straight lines and which options you have doing that. You can also work in diagonal lines. That’s just a straight line too of course, but slanted 🙂 , so it probably won’t suprise you that this works much the same as what you saw me do in the previous video 🙂 . I do pay a bit more attention in this video on how to exactly count your stitches.  You could use that for the straight lines also, by the way. I also show howRead More →

In my previous post I showed a traingular shawl in filet crochet. I will reveal a little bit: I embellished it with surface crochet. I will keep it a secret for a short while how it looks 🙂 , because I have to make some video’s about that. So please be patient for a little while, they will come soon! But I do have a video for you about how to do surface crochet on an open background in straight lines. You have several possibilities how to do that. And that is what I will show you in the video I published today. Anchored toRead More →

It is very fashionable at the moment: filet crochet. Why that happens is always something I wonder about, what exactly is that trigger that makes people embrace it all of the sudden?  It looks like someone starts with it, and other people suddenly think: ‘Oh, but that was fun too, let me do that again’. I really like it when a technique, that seems to be ‘forgotten’ for a while, gets back into the spotlight. I did a lot of filet crochet back in the days, especially large pieces with beautiful motifs. In the pre-internet times, when we just bought a Burda-magazine in the storeRead More →

Introduction This shawl can be made super quickly. This is made using the ‘standard’ method for filet crochet, but with slanted sides. Usually with filet crochet you see that, when increasing, whole squares are added to the sides, but with this method you will get nice slanted side spaces. Really really simple. As you see the shawl here, it is not embellished further. If you have a nice lovely yarn, that’s maybe not necessary. And if you appreciate a minimalistic look, you can just leave it this way of course. But you can embellish this basic shawl in different ways. Some possibilities: If you haveRead More →

Today I published a new crochet video. This time it’s about a simple wave pattern that is very suitable for beginners. I use a lot of stitchmarkers for it, so it actually cannot go wrong with this pattern. You hardly have to think doing this. If you consistently use the stitchmarkers as I show you, and count the stitches each time, or as often as you want, then this shouldn’t have to be a problem at all. The used stitches are very simple also: chains, double crochets (US) and double crochet 2 together. That’s all.  I’ve again made a written tutorial with it, you canRead More →

This wrap is really supersimple, and with the method I will teach you it can’t go wrong. The pattern itself is very easy to do, because it only consists of double crochets (US-terminology) in a simple short repeat that will be repeated each row. By using stitchmarkers in a clever way you can take care you will hardly make mistakes. And that’s very nice when you make a very wide wrap, because you don’t have to frog long long rows. You can use yarn in a plain color, but it’s more beautiful to use a yarn yarn with long color changes. This makes the wavesRead More →

You’ve probably seen my wrap or shawl made with Alize – Superlana Maxi – Long Batik in a trapezium shape, but if you prefer to make a rectangular shape, you can do that with some minor adjustments. You can find all information about the yarn here. I made a little piece to give you an idea how it looks then. In the pattern I used 8 stitches in a row, but of course you can change that to your own likings. You can make short rows, so that you will crochet your shawl lengthwise, but you could also make your rows long, so that you willRead More →

  The pattern This wrap or shawl is made with reliëf stitches, that give it a beautiful structure, but because of using triple crochets, the shawl still has a certain airiness. The shawl can be worn with both sides showing, two different looks, but both just as beautiful. To be honest: I don’t know myself which side I prefer.  2 Balls of this yarn are used (500 grams, 17.64 oz), which gives the shawl a bit of a ‘heavy’ feeling, but it is still feeling supple because of the airy structure. Also, this shawl is crocheted askew, which gives the shawl a further suppleness. ARead More →