The Freedom, not Perfection shawl: video and tutorial page released

Here it is: The Freedom, not Perfection shawl! I am so pleased with this shawl, how it turned out! The colors, the drape, I just love everything about it! And so far I’ve heard only very enthusiastic responses on it. Sounds a bit, ehm, well, you know, not so very humble, but I would lie if I would say I’m not proud of it. I will not do very much talking about it on this blog post, because I wrote  all I wanted to share about it on the page here, or look for it in the crochet patterns menu. So go there, you will find the links to the video’s there also! I hope you will make this shawl too, and share your pictures on how they turned out, so I can share it here and inspire others to make it too!

Have fun!

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