Is it possible to weave triangular shapes on a square pin loom? Yes, you can! And that is what I will show you in this tutorial! If you don’t remember exactly how to weave a square on the bias, just look here for that tutorial (with links to the video’s!).. Looking back for a moment to weaving on the bias With ‘regular’ weaving on the bias, you started with putting the first thread on the loom from bottom left to the upper right (from nr 1 to nr 2) and you went around the upper 2 nails (from nr 2 to nr 3). In step 2 you brought the thread back downRead More →

Maybe you wonder: what is a timelapse video??? And why??? Repeating the content of the previous video’s Well, in my previous video’s I already showed quite elaborately how to weave with a continuous strand of yarn on a pin loom. So it’s maybe a bit useless to repeat that all over again. But I used  yarn for these instruction video’s, that actually was too thin for weaving on this loom. On the other hand, you could see everthing quite clearly, and that is what I found the most important. This time, however, I wanted to show how it goes ‘for real’, when you work withRead More →

If you want to work work with several colors of solid colored yarns, and you would like to add stripes in your weave yourself, a plaid motif, you can do that! It’s quite simple. The only thing you have to do is cut off the yarn and attach a new one, and continue weaving like you worked with the original thread. But I will explain it further. Where do you change colors Actually you can do color changes at every place you would like to. But usually you do it in a ‘balanced’ way. In the drawing you can see that, for example, you haveRead More →

The last video with the basic steps about weaving on the bias on a pin loom is published! So, now you can, if you’ve waited for it, finish your weaving. In this video I also give attention to how to check if you didn’t skip nails, or maybe even put two threads over a nail. You can always correct that as long as the weave is on the loom. In one of the next video’s I will show how to finish the edges with a crochet border, but you can also just take it off just like it is. I will also later pay attentionRead More →

In this video I show you how to do color changes. I first intended to do 1 video, together with the previous and the next video that is to come, But that would be a very long video then, so I cut it up in parts. Color changes often give a very nice effect. Especially if you have some yarns in a solid colr that you don’t particularly like. Together with other yarn it suddenly becomes so much more interesting. Of course, working with a variegated yarn is fantastic, but you don’t have the end result entirely in control. I like that also very much,Read More →

In the previous video that I published, I explained how to make a pin loom yourself. Of course you can also buy one, but making one yourself is not that hard, and it is very cheap. In this video, part of a series of 3, I will show you the first steps of how to weave with a continuous strand of yarn. I split up the original video in 3 parts, because it would get very long! In the next video I will show you how to do color changes, and in the last of these 3 I will show you how to end. IRead More →

The video’s At the end of this tutorial are the links to the video’s that belong to this. The tutorial This tutorial tells you how to weave with a continuous thread on a pin loom. I will illustrate this as much as possible with pictures and drawings. The video’s of how to do this are also coming: I will add the links to this tutorial as soon as they are published. I’ve split up this tutorial in several pages, 5 in total, so go to the next page when you’ve gone through a page. You will find the buttons on the end of the pages!Read More →

Hi everyone! I’m busy with preparing a new series of video’s for weaving on a pin loom. The video’s are being edited, and the first one is finished (see link below)! I explain in it how I made my pin loom. I tried to put a little humor in it, because these nails… 🙂 🙂 🙂 . For the ones who prefer written instructions or would like to read it after watching the video, I wrote a tutorial. You can find it here. I added a bit more details in that. You can also find this tutorial in the menu permanently, because this blog-post will maybeRead More →

Okay, please don’t laugh! I know, I know, these nails go everywhere, it seems I’m not a hero with hammer and nails, but, it works! And I did it all by myself! And you can most certainly do this too, probably much much better than me, so I will just explain what I did. Oh, yes, not unimportant, it only costs a couple of euro’s or dollars. I will not say I’m very economical, but I have my moments 🙂 🙂 🙂 .  And ehm, it’s just a description of what I did. I guess that the very first handy person will just laugh outRead More →