Making a vest without a pattern – surface crochet on a filet crochet base

Finishing loose ends. When you’ve already started with something new, your focus is usually with the new stuff, but if you want to end a previous project with a good feeling, you will have to finish these last ends. This is true for crafting projects, but also when you make video’s. And this was also the case for the video I released today 🙂 . You may have seen I’m busy with preparing a CAL, and that is so fun to do! An amazing lot of work, it really is, but so fun to do! But I told I would also do a video about the vest that you’ve seen coming along in the series about filet crochet with a large mesh. It is ready, my sweet daughter confiscated it yesterday 🙂 , so that gives me a good feeling too. And today here’s also the video about the steps I made to make this vest. Because I didn’t have a pattern. Okay, of course I could have find one, because I have enough magazines lying around here, and we have the internet, but I just wanted to do this from scratch. And I’m pleased with it. I also had a learning-moment, that I also share with you in this video, because I also want to show I do not own all knowledge. I may have quite an extensive experience with all kinds of crafting techniques, but also for me there is still so much to learn! And that is so fun!

This time it’s a lot of talking, and I do explain a couple of things of course, but I hope that you enjoy this one also. Wishing you a lot of fun with it!


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