Weaving on the bias on a pin loom: details on crochet borders and beautiful corners

Hi, I’m back! Life happened, so the website and the video’s had to wait. But today I published 2 video’s about crocheted borders. The tutorials were on the website already (here for slip stitches, here and here for single crochets (US term)), but the video’s are ready now too. In these tutorials I go into detail about how to make the side and the corners really nice, and how to do these sides so that you get the same number of stitches on each side. This is so handy when attaching pieces together later! And really supersimple! I show again how to do the invisible finishing. So you won’t end up with ugly overlaps or knots!

What to expect next?

For the moment these are the last 2 video’s in this series about weaving on the bias on a pin loom. I will absolutely do more about this in the future. There is still so much that I would like to show you! In a short while I will publish a video about a yarn review and a knitted shawl in honeycomb motif. I know, a bit late now spring is on our doorstep, but it will be winter again sometime, ain’t it? And if you make it in fine yarn on large knitting needles, you can make it into a beautiful lace shawl, that’s perfect for cool spring days or summer evenings. And a crochet project for beginners, a wrap with a wavy motif, made with cheap gradient yarn.

The video’s

For now I’m wishing you a lot of fun with the published video’s! And as usual: they are spoken in Dutch, but they do have English subtitles!

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