The honeycomb brioche stitch: video’s and a tutorial page

Hi you all  🙂 

I published a video about a yarn review recently, and I mentioned I would also do a knitted scarf with it. I know, on this side of the world where I live spring is already here, but hey, it will be winter again, and maybe you live on the other side of the world, which will make this very timely  🙂  🙂  🙂 

So, here it is: the video’s I made for it, a tutorial of the honeycomb brioche stitch that I used for it, and the accompanying page here on the website, in case you like to have a written pattern and knitting charts. I splitted the recording up into 4 seperate video’s, that each cover a part of the pattern, so you can easily watch that part that you need. So, hope again you will appreciate it! Please give the video’s a thumbs up if you like them, and subscribe to my channel if you want to get a notification when I publish more video’s.

The link to the page can be found in the menu at the knit stitches overview or here.

The links to the video’s:

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