The honeycomb brioche stitch in another way with the knit-1-below stitch: video and a tutorial page

In my previous post I shared the series of video’s for making the honeycomb brioche stitch. But you can also make that stitch in a different way, a way I found in old knitting books. And I like to try out things, so I wanted to see which way I preferred to do this. And I will be honest, I liked the method with the wraps better. But I could do the knit-one-below version, so I decided to record that way of doing this stitch also. Maybe you prefer to do it this way. Could be, couldn’t it?

What is this knit-1-below stitch? Well, the name actually says it already, it’s a regular knit stitch, but you insert the needle into the stitch of the row below. This way you create a kind of wrap also, it just doesn’t come on your needle. You will knit it together with a stitch in the next row, but I show this all in the video. I made a tutorial page of this method too: you can find it here, of through the menu in the knit stitches overview.

Have fun with the video! Let me know what you think of it!

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