Hi everyone, on this beautiful sunny day! If I would have something to say about  it, I would suggest to watch this video outside in the sun in a lazy chair 🙂 . In this 3rd video I explain how I like to work, how I approach a design to make it. I like to work as long as possible with 1 working thread, this works the fastest and simplest – for me, that is -.  I also explain why I don’t work in a circle yet. In short, go sit and relax, and watch this video in the sun! And…, please subscribe to myRead More →

Hi everyone! The second video, in which I explain how to knot the very first row, is published on my YouTube channel. This first row is a bit different compared to the rest, because you work towards the position of the threads that is needed for the rest of the pattern. The video has both Dutch and English subtitles! Wishing you a lot of fun watching and making this fun bag!Read More →

Hi everyone! I promised to put the video’s with the tutorials how to make the little bag (see the blogseries that I did about this subject) on my YouTube channel. The first one is ready and published! The rest will follow this coming period. They are ready, but they have to get subtitles, descriptions, and all kinds of other stuff, so I will be doing that. Well, did you want to make this, and languished for these video’s 🙂 , you can just start, the rest will be here soon! Enjoy watching this first video! Oh, and by the way, it is spoken in Dutch,Read More →

Hi everyone! As promised: the digital version of the pattern is made. It’s in the menu with my knotting patterns, together with a description which I already did for a big part in my previous blogs. Or click here to go to the pattern rigth away. The video’s are in progress being edited by the creative persons here in my home 🙂 Of course they had to have a nice tune, some pictures, the sound has to be excellent. All kinds of stuff I hardly have knowledge about how to do that the right way (okay, maybe a little), but I have my helpers here thatRead More →

This is a design for a little bag, to put pencils or make-up in, or for whatever you would like to use it for. It doesn’t have a zipper yet on this photo, but you can add that for a closure or make a closure with small buttons for example. I did some blogging on this website about the entire design process (see here for the start), and about the steps making this (see here for the start). I’m also going to have some video’s on my YouTube channel, in which I am going to show you every step, from start to end, how toRead More →