Knotting: a little bag with a block design. The first video is published!

Hi everyone!

I promised to put the video’s with the tutorials how to make the little bag (see the blogseries that I did about this subject) on my YouTube channel. The first one is ready and published! The rest will follow this coming period. They are ready, but they have to get subtitles, descriptions, and all kinds of other stuff, so I will be doing that. Well, did you want to make this, and languished for these video’s 🙂 , you can just start, the rest will be here soon!

Enjoy watching this first video! Oh, and by the way, it is spoken in Dutch, but just switch on the closed captions to see the English subtitles! I also have English spoken versions, but they will be published later on my other YouTube channel and website for English speaking audience.

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