This is the famous rainbow pattern. In this pattern only the double right knot is used. The dotted part shows the complete pattern, that can be repeated several times until the desired length of the bracelet is reached. Take care with the following description to look at the pattern on the left, to give you a good feeling about how you should read the pattern, so that you can just watch the patterns later on to understand what to do. Used colors: Red: 2214; Orange 2064; Yellow 2043; Green: 2577; Blue 2428; Purple 2327; Pink: 2262 Usage: 1 Repeat of the pattern is about 2,5Read More →

Here you find a description on how to design bracelets yourself. But what’s more interesting: what other possibilities do you have with this technique? Check the menu to go to the pages with the instructions and the examples.Read More →

You start making a bracelet by tying together all the threads in a knot. Like I said with the usage of materials, I do this at a distance of about 12 cm (5 inches). You secure the knot with a safety pin on a cushion or on a cloth that you can tie around your leg. If you wear trousers that’s made of a firm cloth, like jeans, you can also attach it directly to your trousers when you don’t have a cushion of cloth. Don’t pierce your skin with the safety pin! You can then start to knot. When you reach the desired length, you finishRead More →

With the patterns I provide information what the usage is for making the bracelets. Materials use up quite quickly, so use extra instead of less. I usually take about 12 cm (5 inches) for the braiding at the start, and that’s the same length you should at least leave in the end to be able to make two equally long braids. The usage is based on the use of embroidery yarn.Read More →

On the next pages you will find patterns to learn how to make bracelets, but also how to read the patterns and what method to follow, step by step. And a basis for making your own designs. Check the menu to go to the pages with the instructions.Read More →