A new idea Hi you all! Today I want to share something about the design-process I’m in. I would like to make a small pouch or bag, and I’m thinking of putting a zipper in it to be able to close it. I’ve never used it in my knotting projects, but that’s okay. I’m just going to try it. Because that’s what it’s all about when making a design: just do it and look where it leads you. Taking a different road Okay, first retrospecting a bit on what I did earlier. At a certain moment I took the technique for making friendship bracelets, andRead More →

Hi everyone. In the coming period I will be busy to bring my YouTube video’s, which I made years ago, to everyone’s attention. In this case it is the most simple way to cast on. Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but there are better ways to cast on when starting a new piece. Yeah, nice entrance, isn’t it 🙂 But, ok, you could use it if you would like to and it is very simple actually. You can better use this for casting on extra stitches at the end of a row when you have to increase, or for buttonholes. I do have theRead More →

Spring picture

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new website. My old website desparately needed to be updated, so see the result here (for now). I am not ready with it yet. I still need to do the English part of it, but that will be fixed too. And not all parts of these pages look like they should look like. So, when you think ‘that looks weird’: I am working on it. And, I am going to expand on the pages! I have a lot of YouTube video’s that I didn’t mention on my old website. I will add pages for them with extra explanation. So watchRead More →