And now closing the circle! When you have knotted quite some part of the motifs next to eachother, you can go closing the circle, so you will get a, closed on the edges, whole. And this is really super simple! To close the circle, you take the left and the right side of your work and bring them together. Make a knot in the upper border threads, so you will get these two sides as closely together as possible. In the first rows the work has a tendency to move apart from eachother,  so it is necessary to really pull the first knots tight. NextRead More →

The design: a short review As you can read and see in my previous blogs, I made a design for a knotted bag. And now the sequel: the actual knotting of it! The ones that follow my facebook page already saw a preview in a vlog of the start, and how to knot the threads around the upper border threads. If you don’t follow my facebook page yet, you can see a direct link to my page in the menu! I can tell you secretly that I am a lot further already, and it turns out so nice!!!  A special twist on the design happened,Read More →

Playing with the upper border I went to draw again, working on what I had previously thought of for the upper border. I took the upper 2 rows of the big design (see my previous post) and put that on my design paper (see for downloads here), and started to try out some things. At the left part, with the blue, orange, licht and dark pink, you can see I added 2 extra rows on top of the original top rows. On the right I did only do 1 extra row.  I decided that 2 extra rows would be too much, so I started lookingRead More →

The chosen turn As you can read in my previous blog, I figured out that if I could have the blocks move over, I would get a more random look of colored blocks. For this I needed to make a turn to let the yarns change direction. I also thought that if I wanted to keep this random look all over the design, I would have to make several turns. So I already drew it on both sides, mirrored, as you can see in this partial design. I wanted to have all the colors I chose to be part of it, next or under each other,Read More →

Continuing with my design Okay, as you can read in my previous blogs in this series, I ran into some things while designing. It doesn’t matter, I gained understanding and as a bonus I got an idea for a twist on the design I have in mind. But now I will continue with the next step in working this out. If I wante to avoid having three blocks in a row, than the only thing I can do is make certain colors go from left to right, or from right to left, Ok, fine, but it means I have to introduce an extra color, or dropRead More →